Check it out: White Worms in Your Compost Bin from CompostJunkie

If you have a compost bin at home and found some white worms, chances are your compost pH is too acidic. But there is an easy solution. Check it out: White Worms in Your Compost Bin – Should You Be Worried?.


Setting up our Worm Bins

We set up our worm bin last weekend. It was a lot of fun.

First we covered the holes at the bottom with some mesh and duck tape to prevent any escape worms.  worm bin holes1

Then we went ahead and added some frozen food scraps as well as the worms. We threw newspaper on top of the food scraps. The newspaper acts as the dry material, allowing optimization of the required carbon to nitrogen ratio. When we use it to cover the food scraps, it helps contain moisture and provide a comfortable living environment for the worms.
worm bin1

We had some helpers hold the worms up so you can see them closer. These are Eisenia fetid, red worms used specifically for composting.

Happy composting!
worm bin2