Check it out: Seafood Watch from It’s Not Easy To Be Green

Ever wonder if the seafood you’re eating is sustainable? Check out this great explanation and link to a handy tool to keep around whenever you’re ordering at a restaurant. Seafood Watch: Do You Eat Sustainable Seafood?


Check it out: Cost of Lighting

Ever wonder what the differences are between different light bulbs? This cool info-graphic tells you all about the differences between incandescent, LED and CFL bulbs. Check it out! Resources – Infographics – Cost of Lighting.

Check it out! Composting in NYC School District from

A pilot composting program in NYC school districts cuts food waste by 85 percent!

The move reduced the eight pilot schools’ cafeteria waste by an astounding 85 percent. That number benefits the environment and the district, saving 450 pounds of food waste from landfills each day and saving an estimated $3,000 in garbage bags and $3,700 in disposal fees for the pilot schools each year.

If they can get students to learn about composting, imagine the possibilities in work environments.